General information

Downloading and installation

To download the installation file go to the current giveaway product page. You will see the download link right under the software characteristics table. After you download the package extract the files and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file to install and activate your copy of the software.


The procedure of registration/activation varies each time. To make things easier for you we enclose readme.txt file with every Giveaway download. Please follow the instructions carefully to get the full version available.

Please note that .GCD file included is necessary for correct installation and activation. Please make sure to extract all enclosed files in the same directory. .GCD file can’t be run on your PC, but it is strongly connected with either Activate.exe or Setup.exe (depending on the name of .GCD file).

Giveaway notifications

There are several ways to be informed of the giveaway title as soon as it is published:

Choose one of the options listed on the right side of GOTD page.

NB: e-mail notifications and RSS feeds are available in every language supported by our website.

GOTD comments section

After you install and use the software you are welcome to share your opinion with other users on the site. It can be done in the bottom of the product download page. You are not required to register on the site to do it, it is enough to enter some data exactly when the comment is left.

GOTD comments section is pre-moderated. We usually do our best to make your comments appear on-time, but if you have any troubles that require quick answer we advise to use GOTD forum for this purpose.

NB: though you need to provide your e-mail it will not be visible to other visitors on the site. We usually use e-mail to identify the person i.e. to verify a user is who he/she claims.

GOTD blog

Here you can find some important project information such as re-runs of halted programs, partner programs description and latest project news.

The notifications through e-mail, RSS or Twitter are also available.

GOTD forums

Forum is absolutely GOTD users-oriented zone. Here it is possible to share you opinion about the software we giveaway or any other topic discussed. You can create your own topic and ask for other members’ help and advice.

If you have any trouble with current giveaway program it is advisable to use forum rather then comments section in order to get quick response.

Joining GOTD forum is available for everybody – it only requires registration.
Forum rules for all users.
Forum FAQ in its turn can be found here.

Comments Moderation Policy

Comments section’s main aim is to give you a chance to share your opinion about the software with other visitors of the site. To keep this area free from SPAM and eliminate conflicts among the users all the comments left are pre-moderated.

To avoid possible complaints we will outline general aspects of our moderation policy.

Constructive criticism of the software either positive or negative is welcome. The main idea here is to create a discussion that includes the pro’s and con’s of the program and suggestions that could improve the product or things that you feel to be removed (if so please point out the reasons why).

Do not include any criticisms of other members’ posts, inappropriate language, or off topic subjects apart from suggestions for similar programs. You can disagree with what someone says, but provide valid reasons. Never attack or criticize the person. Otherwise your post is most likely to be deleted.

All GOTD vendors hope to receive your decent feedback every time they provide you with the title they developed. Thus we do believe that the quality of the software you can get from us depends on the quality of the comments you leave.

PS: we always do our best to make your comments appear on-time, but if you have any troubles that require quick answer (including questions related to downloads and activation) we advise to use GOTD forum for this purpose.

E-mail Notifications/RSS feeds

How to stop receiving notifications?

To stop or pause receiving notification e-mails from GOTD, you need to click “unsubscribe now” link, that can be found in the bottom of every message.

How to re-subscribe with new e-mail?

You can cancel the notifications coming by yourself using “unsubscribe now” link in the bottom of the notification message. To subscribe with new e-mail follow the “Subscribe by Email” link on the GOTD main page.

Why do not I receive GOTD games notifications?

We currently publish games on weekends only. Since the notifications are sent as new game is posted, there are no GGOTD letters during week.

How to use RSS feed instead of e-mail notifications?

Stop notifications by clicking “unsubscribe now” link, that can be found in the bottom of every message. Setup RSS through GOTD main page. You can find the guide here.

Is GOTD a trial?

Every program we give away is not a trial. We provide you with full-functioning registered version of software titles.

There are two points you need to remember:

  • you have to install AND activate/register the product according to instructions given in the readme.txt file attached to every GOTD package.
  • it should be done while the giveaway offer for the software is still on (within 24 hours).

Still we do not provide you with the lifetime license in terms of the fact that our package can be used to install the program on giveaway date only. It means that you will not be able to re-install the program after PC crash or install the program on another PC after the giveaway day is over.

Problems and Solutions


My software claims to be in a trial mode. What should I do to make it registered version?

The procedure varies so we always enclose readme.txt file in all our packages. All the information on installation and activation can be found there.

I run Activate.exe file and GOTD says it was successfully activated, but the software is still in trial.

There could be several reasons:

  • If the software is already installed you have to close all program’s windows before running Activate.exe (don’t forget to check the notification area icons (bottom right of screen near the clock).
  • Make sure that you have extracted Activate.exe and Activate.gcd from the archive to a separate folder. .GCD file is necessary for correct activation. It cannot be run, but strictly connected with Activate.exe you should run to unlock the application.
  • When you run Activate.exe file it tries to reach our server. So check whether your firewall can block activation file.
  • If you are Windows Vista or 7 OS user you will probably need to run Activate.exe in the name of administrator on the PC (right click on Activate.exe and choose “Run as administrator”; the administrator’s rights needed).

I entered the code provided by GOTD, but it is not accepted and the program shows it is unregistered.

You need to check whether the code was copied fully or contains any extra spaces before or after. Don’t retype codes or names – use the clipboard copy and paste.

I downloaded, installed and registered the program on the giveaway date, but after time the version became trial. What’s wrong?

According to our terms and conditions the software gained from GOTD can not be updated or upgraded to newer version. Some programs still check for updates – once you agree to update you lose the registered version. Sometimes using a Registry Cleaner can erase program registration details.


GOTD Download link does not work in my browser.

Sometimes downlod link can be blocked by the malware programs in your browser. Check it or try to get the program using other browser.

Viruses detection

We always test installation and activation files before they appear on our server. Whenever you claim any problem during installation of the program in the comments section or in the forum we contact the Developers for check and explanation.

We also have a special topic in our forums, and every our visitor who suspects that a virus or trojan is incorporated in a software can inform us and all our members about it, together we can check it out by all possible means and report the results. Antivirus can give a false positive, so if your antivirus or firewall reports a trojan, often it doesn’t mean that it is really so.


Can I download the program today and install it after giveaway period is over?
If I keep the build will it be possible to use it to reinstall the program in the future?

The main idea of the project is to make registered version of particular product available free of charge for 24 hours. We protect either Setup.exe or Activate.exe against being used on any other date. So re-installation or installation on other days is not possible.

My system crashed. How can I reinstall products gained earlier from GOTD?

All the GOTD builds can be used to install and activate the software on giveaway date only. Thus to reinstall any product you will need to purchase it from the Developer.

I tried to install the giveaway program and had Software Informer installed instead.

Software Informer is an application provided by our partner Informer Technologies, Inc. Though the installation of the application is integrated into the package you download, the installation itself is optional. So you might have clicked “Install Software Informer” without noticing.

More details can be found on the GOTD blog.

Non-commercial usage

You have the right to use any title gained from GOTD only in activities that are not commercial or profit-making, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Software informer

Software Informer is application provided by our partner Informer Technologies, Inc. Though the installation of the application is integrated into the package you download, the installation itself is optional. Software informer can easily be uninstalled at any time via Control Panel.

More details can be found on the GOTD blog.